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Though Denzel could easily stop smirking now. He wasn't going to stop. He had no reason to hide his true feelings. Well, there was one reason, but it wasn't on his mind at the moment. As his head then tilted in anticipation on Goldilock's reaction. It was cute, seeing someone look so taken aback by everything.

"That's refreshing to hear. Pitying isn't really my style," He admitted. There were special cases of course. And he didn't exactly say he wasn't worth the care, ahem. Yes. That was all he needed to hear to fully grin, "Well, yes... I would like to." Ordinarily, Denzel would've walked away with this amount of back and forth. But there was something different. Maybe it was true that sparks happen when you don't even try to find it.... but that was too sappy for him to think about right in this moment.

"You have any preference for food? I learned through one of my boys on how to accommodate for even the pickiest of eaters." Surprise venues worked better after knowing more about each other to keep the good vibes. Then he remembered just how humble Bowie presented himself, which got him still smiling, "Guess another way I could ask you. I'm not picky, so whatever you like eating, I'm down for without issue Sir Goldilocks." Being kind felt kind of nice here.


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