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It wasn’t necessarily just Denzel that could leave Bowie tongue-tied but the way that he was smirking at him struggling with his words was certainly not helping with the situation. The former Hufflepuff also struggled with playful teasing and sarcasm, he was always concerned that he HAD caused offence or difficulties and the stuttering was his way of reassuring the other that no harm was meant. Not that Denzel seemed like the type to be easily offended, quite the opposite really. He looked like he was enjoying himself. “Oh! Well.. I..” He had nothing to say really other than to smile at him shyly.

Truthfully it wasn’t meant to be that kind of a joke but it had worked well in the situation anyway that he left it. He wasn’t anti-children anyway, he just hadn’t had the opportunity to have them yet which was quite fine with by him. “No no no, that wasn’t meant for you to feel sorry for me, I haven’t really been actively looking,” he chuckled. “I was concentrating on sorting my own life out before bringing someone else into the mess.” Arguably he still hadn’t completely sorted out his life but he was on the way to it. He also didn’t think he was a catch so wouldn’t blame anyone for not being interested.

Except Denzel clearly was and was wafting it directly into his face. His openness was appreciated but it did nothing to quell the flush that still hadn’t left his cheeks. He was kind of staring wordlessly for a minute whilst he thought his response over. “Yes. I mean sure.. if you were sure? I mean you don’t have to feel obliged to if you didn’t want to.”

Good one Bowie, so smooth.

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