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Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
The vibes had greatly morphed into something else. She suddenly felt insecurity creep up, her hand clutching tightly to the mint leaves behind her back. Alfie also looked like he wasn't faring too well. She strained her ears to pay close attention to the words coming out of him mouth, and even though she could hear him, understanding him was something else.

She understood I don't know because that was a phrase she repeated a lot, but the rest...He liked...but...

No, no?

Watching him curiously as he took something out of his bag, Yulietta remained firmly planted in her spot. It wasn't until he opened a notebook that for a second her insecurities drifted away. She softly gasped, eyes shining as she approached him. She carefully turned a page and grinned. "Amas a las plantas," she grinned at him. Why else would someone have a notebook like this? So carefully detailed. " love the plants."
Alfie was so sure that he ruined everything. He felt so embarrassed, out-held arms wobbling as he held his notebook out before him. He wanted so desperately to fix this. Violetta was his first Hogwarts friendship and he- he didn't know what to do to save the situation.

So he held his breath as she approached his book, eyes full of worry as she reached out to turn the page. He'd never be able to forgive himself if he hurt her feelings, accident or not. Hurting feelings was the very last thing Alfie Adair ever wanted to do. It's why he usually kept quiet and observed. You couldn't hurt feelings if you didn't involve yourself. But. But.

But she was smiling now? And ..... he hadn't ruined everything (yet)?

Unable to help himself, Alfie met her grin with a terribly shy one of his own, wanting to hide behind his hands, but resisting the urge (mostly because he was still using them to hold his book). "I amas ..... plantas," he tried the words for himself. "Si, yes," he was nodding a lot.

"You, taaam-bee-ein, amas?" he asked in return, hopeful.
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