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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Hed been really content underneath the willow Drake had found himself to perch beneath, but he worked his way through his leaves far too quickly and within minutes he was ready to chew on some more. The mint was his favorite - the burst of freshness it presented. But the basil was tasty and everything too. Standing up, he skipped his way back to the culinary garden, grabbing leaves here and there as he did so, before he caught sight of the familiar head of blond hair.

But without their favorite brunette??

Drake paused wondering if he should greet her or not before determining yes, he should. With a wide smile which perhaps was not as natural as his usual, he approached. Hi Bryony! What are you doing out here? The alone was implied but not asked.
Standing right where she was for what was perhaps only a few short minutes, did a couple of things for her. Firstly, it allowed her the time to regain her bearings enough to know where she was, mostly. It had also done something else, she had been found by one of her housemates. One of the very few that she wasn't about to go running up to or hugging like she would with most others. Sigh. Well at least he wasn't with Ary without her.

"Hey Drake!" She chirped happily, wiggling her fingers at him in greeting. Yep, she could be all cheery too. That was her thing, after all. "Having a picnic with Bacon.. what about you?" Oh, she knew exactly what he meant by that. Why was she out here all alone and without Ary... well, little did he know she did do things without him. Plus it wasn't her fault that he was busy... SIGH.
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