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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Advi was always approachable. Suresh honestly could not recall a time when she wasn’t. Perhaps this was part of the reason he had never given up in pursuing her. Or maybe if she had made herself unapproachable back then, he had utterly failed to notice. Ah well. And excuse her but he saw riiight through that glare. It was so adorable and sweet that he simply grinned. “A good idea! Now Lakshmi can have her pick from an entire collection of sprinkles!’’ Sur continued playing right along.

That was one hundred percent the truth! They had made quite an adorable baby; Papa Nadeem doubted that she’d ever lose that adorableness as she grew. Their baby was going to be a heartbreaker! But DEAR MERLIN! She was cheeky! And no, there was no pun intended there!

He lifted a finger to scoop a dollop of the goo from his face at the moment Advi erupted into giggles. “She does,’’ Suresh replied innocently. Then he flicked the frosting in her direction. Why was he not surprised that Lakshmi wanted more silliness with the frosting? “Do you need some help, my little love?” Sur held out his hand for the tube. He was more than happy to help…

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The ones in books who are as perfect as they can be.🌺🌺🌺
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