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The word ‘garden’ itself was usually more than enough to get Drake to enter a vicinity. Perhaps that was also one of the reasons that he also should have been a Hufflepuff really considering he heard rumor they actually HAD a garden in their common room. Listen, he LOVED the Slytherin windows to under the lake but a garden!? The only thing that was enough to make him not regret his begging request of the Sorting Hat was the fact that Aryan was his dorm mate.

So instead he’d just to get his garden fixes elsewhere. Which is exactly what brought Drake down onto the grounds and into the Discovery Garden. It’s true it didn’t have nearly the same splendor now in winter as it would in the spring and summer months, but there was still plenty of plant life that did thrive in the colder climate and those were what he was set to enjoy today.

Making his way to the culinary garden, Drake plucked a leaf of mint of an plopped it into his mouth - chewing a little as he made his way through other plants, more sprigs collected here and there to taste later, until he found a large tree (that would NOT try to attack him) and settled underneath it.

Was there anything more relaxing?
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