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Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Yulietta still felt that little gnawing feeling that her communication skills were an inconvenience. Alfie never expressed that, of course, but she couldn't help feeling it. It was something that had been deeply rooted in her. Maybe one day she'd stop feeling that way.

Reading his hand signs, she nodded in agreement. "I...good." She then glanced around, a little smile dancing on her lips. " my favori...teh." She remembers how favorite is spelled but the silent letters always got her. English was not easy, okay.

This place was her new favorite place, though. Yulietta could already imagine herself spending a lot of time in this place. It was perfect for doing homework, reading, picnics, napping--the list was endless!

"More fa-vo-ree-teh..." she said, pointing into the direction of edible plants, the place she enjoyed most. Then she lifted a green leaf and chewed on it. A mint leaf.
The youngest Adair tugged on his sleeves so that they swallowed up his hands. He liked that his Hufflepuff jumper was just a bit too big, despite his dad's insistence that he sized down. In the end, his mum managed to do all the convincing, and here Alfie was, much more comfortable because of it. Thanks, mum!

Seeing her smile, he matched it with one of his own. His excitement ready to burst out of him, though he stayed calm and quiet. It was rumbling within. That's how Alfie's excitement manifested at the confusion of his sister who had quite the opposite way about her, all of her emotions were so LOUD. Though they were quiet, his were there too. "It's, um, it's mine tahm-beein," he replied, somewhat sheepish to be using the word he had learned from her over the summer. The one that he had figured meant "too". "I think," he added softly as an after thought. He hadn't explored it yet, not in full, but from what he had seen, it was one of his new favorites too.

He turned to look where she pointed, eyes brightening ever-so-slightly. Little Alfie Adair, the flower child, couldn't be more delighted to be surrounded by leafy plants. "I haven't gone there yet," he explained, pointing to himself, then shaking his head, followed by some walking in place and another point towards the edible plant section.

He wanted to ask if she wanted to go there with him, but he stopped himself short of doing so, feeling embarrassed.
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