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Jane smiled, glad that her friend seemed committed to the treatment now. [b]"Yes, I have," she said, "and they've given me permission to administer it to you." After checking the potion and the dosage and lecturing her on procedures for what Jane considered an unnecessarily long time.

She put down a small carpetbag that she carried and her cloak, then without haste or dawdling, opened the bag up and reached inside. She pulled out a small, rectangular box that was made of some thin wood and had a sliding lid. Jane slid the lid open and took out a small silk-wrapped bundle, then carefully unwound it and produced a crystal phial containing a dark-green liquid that seemed to have a spark of cold fire deep within it.

Jane held it up for Helena's inspection. "Here it is!" she said, with a touch of pride. After all, this elixir of the Lesser Stone was her very own invention and had helped any number of people after the Wizarding War with the Neo-Alliance, and Jane was somewhat proud of it.
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