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Flora was able to get from point A to point B and back again which Aurora supposed was all that she could ask of her owl. That and the little feathered friend was the cutest of all the owl species and was too small to want to take a bite out of her and Anna’s Pygmy Puff. So in other words she was very good at what she did. “I’m fond of her,” The Ravenclaw replied, moving the owl back onto a perch so she could move around freely without getting a face full of wing.

Although navigating around the Owlery wasn’t the easiest thing to do considering the amount of poop on the stone floors and hooting birds flying left, right and centre. “I just think it seems a bit mean making owls do aaall the work when we are magical and they are not.” Magical in their own way perhaps but not in the literal ‘able to conjure things up mid-air’ way. “Like a magical telephone..? I know that muggle technology doesn’t work at Hogwarts but wouldn’t it be SO much easier?” She’d always assumed that doing magic was the easy way to get through, at least her Ma only did when she wanted to make something less complicated.

She pondered for a second on the best way to describe the sixth year to Ezra, settling on the fact that ‘like a Disney Prince meets a Grecian sailor’ was not an appropriate conclusion. In fact she had never actually met a Grecian sailor so it was entirely imaginative anyway. “He pays me! Although he doesn’t actually have to, I probably would’ve done it for free. Imagine not being able to speak to your family because you had such a debilitating fear of owls,” she rambled on, extra points for the use of fancier vocabulary.
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