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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Apart from her totally rational (in her opinion) distrust of squirrels and gnomes, Aurora had a love for all creatures great and small. Owls she was particularly fond of, especially her own Little Owl Flora who lived in the Owlery at Hogwarts and who had been working overtime carrying letters back and forth between her and her Mums and Ariadne with news of how baby Ander was getting on. Her bedframe had become a sort of shrine of pictures of the baby, useful advice from her sister and other items that reminded her of her family.

It wasn’t for her own need that she had made the trek to the Owlery that day but rather the sixth year Gryffindor Freddy’s who had somehow convinced her to deliver his letters for him. He was paying her for the effort although truthfully she would’ve done it for free had he not suggested being financially compensated. She felt sorry for him, it must’ve been awful to have a fear of such wonderful creatures even if he hadn’t outwardly admitted that to the Ravenclaw. Aurora was always ready and willing to help others in need and the extra pocket money would be spent on a small feast from Honeydukes when the time arrived.

With his letter clutched in her hand, she entered the airy room and glanced around for one of the school’s own owls who happened to be free at the time. She would give poor little Flora a break for the time being.
Ezra wasn't the best at writing letters frequently to send to his parents, and they were probably used to it by now, but he did still try on occasion. And this was one of those times where he'd just finished a letter - a pretty short one, all things considered, but he was already writing essays for school. Why in Merlin's name would he add another to his list by writing a lengthy letter? Besides, if he missed something important, he could always tell them during the holidays.

So after stuffing the letter into an envelope, he left the common room and hurried up to the owlery to get it sent off before he forgot about it.

"Merlin, I always forget how cold it gets up here," he said to himself as he entered. Or apparently not just to himself, since it turned out he wasn't alone up here. "Oh, hey, Aurora!" He grinned.
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