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Simona Bowen wouldn’t ordinarily be wandering the streets of Diagon Alley alone. Truthfully she wasn’t actually alone. Her mother was talking to someone outside of Flourish and Blotts and being the strong independent nine-year-old that she was, she had been parked up on the bench to wait for her to finish her conversation.

It was the weekend which meant no St Woboldo’s and seeing as it was a couple of months into term for the Hogwarts students, it was eerily quiet along the usually bustling street. Simi didn’t mind the quiet so much, what she did miss was being able to pop into one of her sisters rooms for the company she was craving every once in a while. It hadn’t been so bad up until Miriam had turned eleven and now she was the only one left out of a close knit unit of five. Thankfully primary school had provided a welcome distraction, as had the many activities she had engulfed herself in eagerly awaiting her sister’s return. There was a whole mountain of friendship bracelets she had made, each in their favourite colours (except for Anna’s because she was the living embodiment of a rainbow and therefore picking just one colour wasn’t enough) ready to give to them at Christmas.

That was what the girl had chosen to embark on whilst waiting on the bench. Her petite legs swung back and forth, her lack of height preventing her feet from touching the ground. Her fingers were working overtime, braiding the thread back and forth, over and under then tying on a lettered bead, a T for Tamara. Her nose scrunched up in frustration as the bead came pinging off and rolled its way onto a cobblestone somewhere probably never to be seen again.
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