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Drabble #5 - Prompt #16 - Plum Pudding
{Features Tiffany Rose, Laurel Vance-Rose (Nordic Witch), Jonny Rose (FearlessLeader19), Ariadne Rose (Nordic Witch)}
198 words

“Tiffany Cornelia Rose.” Laurel stated coming in to the kitchen to catch one of her children literally sitting on the counter, licking her fingers.

Tiffany glanced over to where her mother had entered, trying to brain an excuse. She could blame it on Jonny or Ariadne, except for the fact that her siblings were nowhere in sight. They’d still been sleeping this morning when the small ten year old snuck out of bed at four thirty this morning and sleepwalked her way to the kitchen where she found the pudding her mother had prepped last night.

The pudding that she’d devoured in twenty minutes and was using her fingers to lick the bowl.

“I ….. I’ll … I couldn’t sleep.” She admitted guiltily. Her mother, being a seer, she couldn’t very well lie to in the same way she could to her father. “I’ll help you make more. Sorry.”

“It’s also the fact that you’re sitting on the counter,” she said through narrowed eyes. “Get down.”

Tiff didn’t need to be told twice, as she hopped off the counter, placing the empty bowl in the sink and washing her hands. “By the way, there was a little too much sugar.”


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