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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
The Hogwarts castle was massive. To Mia's credit, she had warned him - but there was nothing that could have prepared her younger brother for the giant that was his new home for the next seven years. Even still, Alfie was starting to finding it suffocating (it had been exactly one day). Alf had spent the first night getting throughly aquatinted with the underside of his covers - there were way too many people hanging out in the common room - so the natural best place to get to know was the grounds.

Immediately upon stepping outside he felt lighter. In fact, each step he took only made it easier to breath.

So he allowed himself to get lost for a good while, just exploring.

That was, until he found a garden that no one had told him about - which was borderline insanity as his dad had practically given him the verbal blueprint of Hogwarts and its surroundings. Excited and eager, Alfie scuttled inside its bounds and began an enthusiastic exploration of everything it held within. He found himself in the meadow first, admiring a butterfly before it landed right on his nose.

"Oh, hi," he whispered to it.

Butterflies were much easier than people. They never demanded too much of you.
If she thought the Great Hall had been magnificent, the castle didn’t compare. It was enormous with so many halls and rooms, and those staircases! They moooved. Sure, her uncle and cousins had told her about the moving staircases, but…she had not believed them and that was her fault, honestly.

Anyway, she didn’t like them. What she did like was the prospect of visiting the greenhouses. Apparently it housed a lot of plants, both magical and normal ones.

As it was, Yulietta had gotten lost. When she had been ready to give up and go ask Feebee if she’d help her, she somehow ended up here. In a secret garden of sorts! She could have sworn her heart leapt out of her chest and planted itself here amongst all the greenery. There was so much to explore and she wanted to do all of it, but she reasoned she had nine months to do so. Besides, she wanted to take all of it in.

She had been exploring the area with edible plants when she found a hummingbird. Or did it find her? Whichever it was, it fluttered around playfully, inviting her to follow it. Doing just that she didn’t even realize she had reached the meadow when she spotted a familiar face. With a butterfly resting on it.

That was adorable. She wanted to say something but held back for fear the butterfly would startle. That and she needed a moment to gather the words she wanted to say. Even if Alfie was already great at charades and *tambien.

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