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Drabble #3 - Prompt #9 - Mistletoe
{Features Carsyn Rose and Jude MacAfee (aRogueOne)}
195 words

It probably came as no surprise that Carsyn thoroughly enjoyed all the holidays. Yet there was something different in the air when it came to Christmastime. The brunette hummed along as she hung the stockings in her flat, not the least bit surprised when there was a knock at her door. Probably her sister or a friend. She’d promised them fresh cookies as she always did every year whenever they visited. Which might be why she was always in such a good mood this time of year.

“It’s open,” she called, not really bothering to look over to see who it was. It was a terrible security habit, but should it be someone nefarious, well let’s just say they’d be met with some foul curses.

“You should really lock your door,” Jude said coming through the door.

Carsyn shook her head. “It’s a fairly safe neighborhood and besides, then you wouldn’t be able to just enter. Besides you should really look up before entering,” she smirked, waiting for him to notice the holiday plant she’d just conjured above his head after hearing his voice. Anyone over the age of ten basically knew what mistletoe meant.

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