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If anyone were to see the calamity that was Bowie, he wouldn’t blame them if they laughed at his predicament too. In fact he was usually the first person to laugh whenever his day didn’t quite go the way that he had hoped, it was far better than feeling sorry for yourself. He was half way through bending down and attempting to pick up the equipment when a voice came out from the blue.

The thirty year old squinted through the long blonde hair that had fallen in front of his face and obscured his eyes from the source of the voice, an amused smile plastered on his mouth as he mused over what the stranger had said. “I mean it’s not not a common occurrence” he chuckled scooping up the slightly shattered equipment into the box making a mental note to fix it with magic later. “Got temporarily distracted” he offered up the excuse as if it would somehow make the situation seem normal.

Standing up straight, he tied his hair up into a messy bun and took a better look at the stranger, a sense of familiarity washing over him. “Dreamer?” His tone raised at the end in question, unsure of whether his recognition was correct. The elder of the two, right?
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