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Default The Wooden Bridge

Image Credit: Felixir

A covered bridge of questionable construction that connects the courtyard to the rest of the grounds, this rickety bridge has been damaged and repaired many times over, the most recent major incident being its total collapse during the battle at Hogwarts in 2104. The structure was ultimately brought down by fire and duel, an incident which was not without casualties.

Since then, the wooden bridge has been restored, and is back to its former... glory. Although it still looks like it may fall apart again and send anyone standing on it into the ravine below again, it probably won't. Not so soon, at any rate. Still, any exceptionally loud creaking should be reported to the groundskeeper, just in case.

This long and narrow bridge has a rich history attached to it, and deserves your respect. On your way between the grounds and the castle, why not stop and admire the view for a moment?
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