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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
This summer had been amazing and eventful and perhaps one of the greatest summers she'd yet to have in her 16 years of life. But with as busy as it had been, that also meant she had not had the same amount of time as usual to spend with her favorite people. Whereof meant that Sia and Vera time was very desperately needed, because she missed her best friend. So Vera had suggested they go out for shrunken head bowling! It wasn't something they did super often, but it still could end up being fun.

Very gently, Ve shoved her best friend through the door first, carefully following after her and letting it then close behind them as first mate linked her arm through the Captain's and led the pair of them further into the establishment, heading straight for the counter so they could pay and get their equipment. "I decided to buy us gloves for this. I mean, I'm not much of a germaphobe but I don't know how you would go about sanitizing a head in a humane way so... it seemed like a good idea. And who knows, maybe we can start some bowling fashion trend!" the brunette chattered, smiling at the blond. "How's your summer been so far, by the way?"
It was a very short list of people who could push Sable Ileana around. Her parents, naturally. Sterling and Juli, also somewhat obvious. Grandpa Niko, mostly just so as to retain usage of his boat. A certain Mordaunt boy, although odds were he was unaware of the fact (and the 16 year old blonde was around eighty-five percent certain he was). And her first mate. Bestie got bestie privileges, after all. Especially when it felt like it had been practically all summer that she’d been without her, something of which she’d reminded her rather animatedly as they had started their little outing.

“Probably a good idea”, she agreed, passing over a few coins to pay her way because, even if she was a pirate, she could pay her own way for most things. It was just borrowed funds as opposed to properly earned ones, and she wasn’t about to take Ve’s hard-earned money anyhow. Except for the gloves. “Also, I really don’t want to consider how they might sterilize shrunken heads anyhow? Besides, it might affect them adversely.” Arguing with the heads could be awfully amusing, after all.

She’d laughed at the question. “Not as eventful as I’m guessing yours was”, she prefaced, bringing back the earlier complaints before shrugging. “Normal. Went out on Grandpa’s boat, hung out with Ster and Juli…” She was still campaigning for a “niece” or “nephew” after all, and she liked to let Juli visit with Mo too since she’s the reason she has the crup.
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