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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
As her birthday fell in the summer holidays and with her Ma (as shocking as it still was) being heavily pregnant and therefore the family unable to go on their annual vacation, Aurora had decided to make the most of the time off from school to do as many fun things as possible. On today’s agenda was a quick game of bowling, an activity she hadn’t participated in for a long time. There was a long list of friends she could invite along but there was only one who was competitive enough to make the game the serious challenge that she was craving. Solomon.

That and the boy was one of her besties and his company was one she enjoyed greatly, even when he was in his grumpy teenage boy mood.

Her blonde hair was tied up into a high ponytail so it wouldn’t get in the way. Now that she was going to be a fourth year and arguably much more mature than her previous years, she was trying to steer clear of her trademark braided pigtails and with her sister’s help was embarking on a journey with makeup. How long it would last into the new term before she got bored of having to look ‘nice’ and ended up back in her usual muddy dungarees was up for debate. Today she was sporting a casual look of denim shorts and a t-shirt considering the weather was nice and a dress would be a hindrance when it came to this activity.

The fourteen year old stood by the entrance and awaited the company of her friend, humming to herself gleefully.
Egotistical would be the correct word to use if Solomon knew that he was Aurora’s first choice of a FUN companion. Truthfully, as much as he dreaded facing the sunlight this morning, he needed the laugh as his social life had fallen completely off the grid so far during summer. It wasn’t his favourite time of year, but recent months were full of teen angst amongst other things. Let’s just say that Solly’s fifth year had the potential to go very quietly, or go off with a bang. Quiet would be preferred, though.

Despite the glaring sun, Solomon was still wearing a beanie hat to tame the curls upon his head that seemed to be growing out of control. He had toyed with the idea of a man!bun, but after many failed attempts, he had decided that he totally couldn’t pull it off. Perhaps one day when he was capable of growing facial hair. Or maybe one of his girlfriends could make something of his mop.

At least 7 minutes later than the agreed time of meeting, Solly had a rush in his step when he arrived at the bowling alley, almost not recognising his friend but also knowing it was her there waiting because he knew she’d arrive before him. and obviously on time. He titled his head to the side, squinting his eyes because of the sun, but noticing the make up she was wearing. He thought nothing of it, really. She looked good, which was lucky for her otherwise he would immediately make fun of her with some sort of clown remark.

“‘Ello. Sorry I’m a bit late.” He used his hand to shield his eyes from the sun and to get a better look at her. His face relaxed and eyes could breath again.
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