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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Gabriel patted Brody's arm again, making sure it was securely twined with his own. "Not...bothering..." Gabriel said slowly, trying to decide how to explain his distraction. "This...neighborhood, it seems very...quaint?" Yes, quaint was a good word. "I thought you maybe wanted to come to look at houses." Though...they technically were looking at houses. "Houses for starting a family," Gabriel clarified, blushing again. "It would be a nice neighborhood for that."

He cleared his throat and held the door open for Brody, releasing his arm just long enough so they could go through the doorway. "Honestly, I do not think I read anything by her," he admitted. Most of his schoolbooks had been by Latin authors. Maybe his history book had had a translated excerpt of something by Bagshot, but he didn't think so. "Lead the way?" Since Brody was more excited about the tour, he wanted to be sure he went first, so Gabriel didn't accidentally rush him.

His arm was secure with Gabe as it always was when they were out together; this was not an uncommon act for them. Brody fixed his husband with a curious look. It wasn’t atypical for him to think that Gabe was mulling something work related in his mind, which resulted in the Auror being preoccupied. Therefore, it was rather surprising to hear Gabe’s next words. “Yes, it is. I actually like it.. I mean, I like what I’ve seen so far.” Brody frowned for a bit, wondering for a moment where the other man was going with this. Houses? He was even more confused now. And then, in a flash, he understood. “Oh.” Rendered speechless for a moment, the Consulate simply got lost in staring at that blushing face while processing Gabriel’s words. “I hadn’t thought of that honestly. Not because I’m not ready for it; you know I want that whenever you’re ready.” Excuse him while he grinned like a goofy idiot now because… having a cozy home and a family with Gabe? It was the only things Brody wanted, now that he had his dream job {so this could be crossed off of the small list of accomplishments he wanted in life}. “Are you thinking about us moving from the apartment sometime in the near future?

“I’m going to make you read a couple chapters of her works,’’ he joked, leading the way as requested. The moment he had stepped through the door, Brody reached to seize Gabe’s arm again. See? This wasn’t abnormal behaviour. “Wow,’’ the younger man remarked as his gaze travelled around the place. “They’ve done a nice job restoring and preserving this, didn’t they?” And for the first time since he and Gabriel had arrived in Godric’s Hollow, the full impact of the place being quaint hit him.
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