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Default 25 Holiday Memories of the Amstern Family - Sa13+
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25 Holiday Memories
of the Amstern Family

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! These are my 25 Holiday Flavors ficlets inspired by some of my SSRPG characters who are members of the Amstern family.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter characters and universe belong to J. K. Rowling. Other SSRPG characters that appear who are not mine will be credited accordingly.

1. Carols 2. Advent 3. Candy Canes 4. Chimney 5. Scrooge 6. Jolly 7. Eggnog 8. Chestnuts 9. Mistletoe 10. Bells 11. Sleigh 12. Reindeer 13. Gingerbread 14. Candlelight 15. Nutcracker 16. Plum Pudding 17. Wreath 18. Tinsel 19. Fruitcake 20. Presents 21. Snowman 22. Coal 23. Decorate 24. Ice Skating 25. Ugly Sweater

POV: Vashti Greenwell
December 2075

She hadn’t stopped thinking about the date since it had ended.

It had been a few weeks since, and Vashti needed to focus on this last minute Christmas shopping. But even as she scanned over the various items in this shop, the Advent calendars and sweets and assorted trinkets, her mind kept wandering back to that day spent in Hogsmeade with Anakin. The way it felt to hold his hand in hers, the way his smile lit up the room, the way that she felt like she could talk to him for hours…

She couldn’t keep the smile from her face as she reminisced.

There was something in the air during this time of year with the holidays and the new year right around the corner. Something that made it feel like a time of love and warmth and new possibilities.

And unbeknownst to her at the time, this would indeed be the beginning of something new and incredible.

[Words: 159]
if we fall, we will fall together; and when we rise, we will rise together__________________

together we are dangerous; together with our differences; together we are bolder, braver, stronger

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