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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Oooooops. Gabriel flushed, the gentle call-out enough to pull his full attention back to the present. "Did you? Sorry, Brody," he said earnestly. He watched his husband as they stopped in front of a house, overcompensating a bit for his previous lack of attention. Maybe Brody really did just view this as an educational, historical trip.

He finally drew his attention to Bagshot's house. It didn't look all that exciting in his mind, but if Brody wanted to do a tour, he'd be patient, and maybe even learn something. "Yes, let's take a tour," Gabriel said, turning back to him with a smile. "I never did read Hogwarts, A History. Maybe you can teach me something." History was more fun with friends and family, after all.

Ahhh, so adorable! The colour rising in his husband’s already handsome face was pure and utter perfection. Rather than be annoyed that Gabe hadn’t been paying attention to him, he realised his heart was fluttering in his chest as it usually did most of the time whenever he gazed at Gabe. “That’s okay. You’re lucky I love you, otherwise I would have been pretty mad. Is there something bothering you? Anything that I can help with?” He always was looking out for his love’s wellbeing but was careful not to overstep; even spouses needed their space.

Brody now attempted to tug on Gabe’s arm with his so that they could get started with the tour. Yes, Brody was incredibly eager to see the deceased Historian’s home. “You never did?” This was news to him! See? Even your significant others can pull a surprise on their partner. “You at least read Ms. Bagshot’s thorough book for your exams, yes?”
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