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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

Ashley was so busy with her thoughts that she didn't notice her best friend until he sat down next to her. Then, turning her head slightly to the side, she realized. "Hi." Her voice was quite small, because that was how she felt.

Ash leaned on Evan with a sigh, not saying anything but appreciating his company. After a while, she spoke again. "I came to leave some flowers. But I can't yet." She clutched the bouquet tightly. "I've never been before," she admitted guiltily. She totally should have been here earlier. She felt like it was bad that she'd waited so many years. However, she reminded herself that it wouldn't have been helpful or productive to come here before she was ready, and realistically it wouldn't have gone well at all.

Ash didn't ask Evan why he'd come, not wanting to pry. But she was silent again, so he could speak if he wanted to.
It didn’t bother him if she didn’t notice his presence right away, or even at all. He was just there in the off chance she needed some support, even if he’d happened upon her by pure coincidence. But when she did notice him, he turned to give her the smallest of smiles. “Hi.” He replied, matching her own tone.

Outside of his family, Ashley and Jude were the ones who had open invitation for physical touch so he didn’t mind her leaning against him. He stayed quiet, just keeping her company - unsure if she’d want to talk about why she was here or not. Here was… a vulnerable place, so he would have understood if she didn’t. But when he heard the sound of her voice again, he listened intently. “It’s okay. There’s no rush to do it.” He replied softly. “I’m sure they’d understand.” Not that he’d personally known anyone of them. But they hadn’t known him or her either and yet they’d paid the ultimate price for their sake. He could only assume people of that caliber would also understand how difficult that could be for children to adapt to, even if they weren’t that anymore.

“I’m trying to paint a picture of the memorial. I think my sister in law would like it for the girls room.” And his nieces were his favorite people so he would do anything for them. Even be vulnerable. “Their grandfather is listed on there.”
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