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While Dafydd had full intentions of being on time for the dinner that would be occurring, the crups he had been walking hadn't seemed to have gotten the memo. Today was one of those days that they wanted to sniff and whizz on every bush and fire hydrant in sight. Normally this wouldn't have bothered him at all, but this was not a day for dilly-dallying. There were important people to see and plenty of food to eat.

Since dropping off the doggos with their respective owners, the pre-healer studies student wasted no time showering and getting ready. He opted to allow his hair to go wherever it pleased, though did take the time to carefully select a pair of chino pants and a v-neck shirt paired with a flannel and a silver chain. He knew Hartley had said that he didn't need to bring anything besides his wonderful self, but that hadn't stopped him from grabbing a bottle of bubbly for them all to enjoy at some point that evening.

Seeing his friend knocking on the door, a grin appeared on his face as he quietly made his way down the hall. When he was close enough, Jude received a sudden gentle poke in the side. "Smells like a storm is being cooked up in there."

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