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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Ary beamed at the compliment. Yes, he had tried his best, even if Artaxís face was somewhat lopsided now that he took another look at his work. Oh well. Your comment was much appreciated, professor, as was this tape. He grabbed a pair of scissors from a supply station because he hadnít yet mastered the Severing Charm.

And so the Slytherin got to work.

It was a task that he sort of found laborious but he kept reminding himself that itíd all be worth it when he got to the painting aspect. The tape was applied around penciled!Artax. Ary spent a fair amount of time on this as he wanted to ensure that when the painting time came, there would be one perfect Mooncalf smiling at the occupants of the room.

Or as perfect as said Mooncalf could be.
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