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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Ash had spent the better part of a half hour in here. To someone who didn't know her, it wouldn't make sense- why would someone who was obviously super rich be so interested in tattered books and stained jackets and broken things? But Ashley was curious about the world, and easily distracted, and she thought this shop was the most interesting place ever. She could spend forever in here- finding all the missing pages in the books, guessing the precise nature of the stains on the clothing, and so on. Actually, she was here to find a present for a friend, confident in her ability to repair most things. But she had gotten sliiiiightly distracted, as usual. She was originally looking at the broken records, then had gotten herself stuck on damaged books. Ash wasn't quite looking where she was going, as she was busy taking great interest in an ancient children's picture book, and she nearly bumped into a man entering the store. "Sorry!" she exclaimed, starting to apologize profusely. She wouldn't have been quite so anxious if she'd looked up and realized it was her friend Tavion, but... well, he was already used to Ashley Fox apologizing. When they were in school together, she would have begged forgiveness from a table if someone suggested it was mad at her. She'd attempted to get better at that, but it was still a work in progress.

She looked up at him with big worried eyes, but relaxed a little when she saw who it was. "Oh... hi Tavion." She was glad it was only him. Not that she didn't feel bad for bumping into him- because she certainly did. She was just relieved that she hadn't bumped into anybody she didn't know.
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