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At Desiree's question, Roulan took another tentative step forward as she peered closer at what the Hufflepuff had been seeing. She did see it too - it looked like there might have been a few figures, but one happened to stand out the most to her. Her head jerked back the slightest bit in surprise as she recognized the figure she was seeing, before her head turned slightly to observe the students and colleagues in the corridor. Had Dhruv joined them? She could see the Defense Professor among the group, but she also could have sworn she had seen the Professor in the mirror. "I definitely see something in there." She replied in response, her attention going to the object in question once more.

But this mirror didn't show reflections.

And then there was other students, Mr. Fox and Ms. Ackerly, joining them, as well as a rather boisterous Norman. If she wasn't mistaken... this was a good chunk of the individuals she had heard were acting rather differently than what everyone was used to. It was true that Rue had only been there for a term, so their characteristics were not as familiar, but she had noticed it here and there from the beginning of the term to now. Brandon's comment that he'd touched the mirror offered particular interest, and she was glad to hear Celeste's follow up question on that, before offering her own as she looked at the others. "Has anyone else touched the mirror this term?" House elves touched everything in the school, so it could be assumed that those who'd been acting particular might have... but what of the other students?

The suspicion forming in her head was then interrupted by the comment from young Aurora, and in an effort to part the sea of people, Rue moved back from her own spot, moving to step around to the other side of Dhruv allowing a small walk way. At least, it was meant to offer a small walk way, but as she moved, her cane caught in a notch in the stone corridor, sending her teetering towards the Defense Professor who she then bumped into, the trajectory of her fall being one that would just line up to push the Professor towards the mirror.
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