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Celeste followed Roulan and Ms. Marchand out of the library, noting Dhruv appeared to be joining them as well. Or not. AT least from a distance. The Defense professor was certainly one of those within the castle that had been acting out of sorts. She moved closer to the mirror under investigation, giving it her own focus to see what the others had been noticing. However, it was only so long before she was drawn out of it by the rather loud voice of one Norman Carton.

Talk about another fellow professor acting completely out of the norm of what Celeste had known him as.

“Actually I believe th’party is best here,” she commented to the younger man Words about moving them away from the mirror. “We think tis not an ordinary mirror, Norman.” Perhaps it would reach through what was up with the transfiguration professor, or it might not. The Ravenclaw head of house did strike her as someone who would be curious about the matter.


And normally Mr. Fox wasn’t a delinquent student, the boy coming up to their group as well. Nor rude and snorting like the sound that just escaped him that came off as more than just teenager angst. “Ye did?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow at his mention of touching it. Having direct contact with the mirror and merely observing it were two different things.
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