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If there was one thing Tavion Sawyer adored, other than his beautiful fianceé, it was learning and experimenting with new mediums of art. Drawing, in both graphite and wax colored pencils, was his one true artistic love - but he enjoyed stepping out of that creative box as often as possible while he was waiting for the universe to line him up with an author who might have liked his style. Lately, he's been spending a good chunk of time in the art of pottery making - often in tandem with his older brother who was basically a master at this point (in his most unbiased opinion). But now that he was growing confident in that skillset, it was time to go uncomfortable again and start from scratch.

And why not sidestep into a mixed media and the world of abstract? Especially if that could be done with recycled materials.

Having found himself in London again visiting his siblings, he'd decided Cranville Quincey seemed like a good place to start with trying to find items to repurpose for his… well, purpose. Walking into the store, he glanced around and found the closest bin to begin rifling through. Items with buttons! Buttons could be a fun place to start!
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