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Speak of the de—charms professor.

Celeste looked over at her colleague when the woman made her appearance and greeted them all. “Guid day,” she returned with a nod. The astronomy professor might have seemed just a touch disappointed when Roulan denied knowing the spell in question either, but it was turned upside down when she added the other potential root of the incantation. Of course! “Aye indeed it does seem ‘at way,” she remarked in agreement. Which gave a valid reason why there was limited knowledge of it from people who were reasonable for knowing and teaching them.

And now one expert in history was added to the mix of things, Apollonia making her presence known as she approached. “Which means it cuid definitely be old enough to be connected tae Burkes….either of them.” Certainly made Celeste curious as to the connection. However Ms. Marchand’s words caught her attention in that direction once more. “Aye…summat tells me does,” she agreed, “Th’moment ye first mentioned portals and mirrors, vanishing cabinets came to mind as something potentially similar. Places where ye could hide between points.”

Now for a field trip to investigate…because she for one wanted to know what was what for sure.
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