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Roulan turned her head to smile and give a nod of hello when she noticed Apollonia join the group as well, glad she had also stumbled upon the gathering to offer her historical expertise. With the History of Magic Professor's words corroborating the story the students had heard told by the portrait of dear old Burke, it certainly seemed worth some exploration on their ends to perhaps inspect the mirror itself. Luckily for all of them, they were already on the fourth floor and it was a quick skip and a hop in order to do so.

Which was probably why Roulan was more willing to just leave the discussion mid it happening in order to look at the object in question itself. At Desiree's question, though it was not directed to her, she gave a nod towards the door as her feet began to carry her that direction. "Perhaps we should take a look at it as well and see if there is anything out of the ordinary? Perhaps the portraits really did see something." Perhaps it was also tied to how abnormally some of the students and faculty had been acting.

Plus... a potential mirror realm as a meeting place? How was that not an exciting prospect!
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