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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Just when he had thought that things couldn’t get worse, a pixie began throwing random objects at him. These were easily avoided either by dodging or deflecting them magically. When there was a clear shot available, Lucas took the opportunity to shoot a well aimed Freezing Charm to the guilty pixie before hurrying to do the same to the others. Between him and the other Ministry employees, they should be able to round up these creatures. Hopefully.

The Knarls didn’t seem to be as wild and chaotic as the pixies were, which was a relief. Still, the group needed to get those to safety. Any stray pixie might want to have a go at the little guys. This was why he grabbed a few daising which had been scattered and he attempted to coax Spike towards him. “Here, little guy,’’ Lucas said soothingly. “Have some delicious daisies. Yum, yum.” Were daisies delicious? He didn’t know but they were laid on the floor before him in an attempt to calm Spike down.

And what in the great Scott… that was a thestral. And another. These creatures had been invisible to Lucas but since the Third Wizarding War… well, that changed obviously.

“Thestrals!’’ he exclaimed but not in a panicky tone to scare the creatures further, pointing in the box’s direction.
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