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With OWLs now finally looming just around the corner, Vera had reached the conclusion that she had learned everything over the past term she was possibly going to be able to learn. If at this point she was still missing any pieces of information, well... then it was what it was. Her brain was fried from how hard she'd been working over the course of the term and continuing to fry it before she had to try to recall any of the knowledge, just seemed entirely useless. So she was done. She was calling it. Whatever she got score wise based on the knowledge she now held, was it.

Which while terrifying to still think of that it might not be enough for what she wanted to do in the future, she also knew with her brother's help over the past year that she had a good chance of at least passing marks. Mind you, not high passing marks in probably anything except CoMC and DADA but... passing. Potions was really the only wild card but considering she'd had two tutors for that one, if she still couldn't pass the subject was entirely hopeless and she should just stop trying anyways.

With the determination to not think about any of it though for the rest of the afternoon, she'd led herself out of the castle and down to the reptile room, making her way first to the enclosure that held Sherbet so she could greet the little corn snake, before then going to her own rosy boa and opening it up so that she could reach in and let Sass slither her way up the girl's arm. "Hey you. I'm sorry I haven't been down here in a minute." With all of the distractions, both homework and otherwise, it was a crime how little time Ve had been spending with her familiar. "I'll leave you a nice mouse before I leave." She promised, using one finger to stroke down the shimmery scales.
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