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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Ary had made sure to bring back from home which he did not mind losing. Aside from spending time in the Greenhouses, he had quickly learnt that some activities required these. Today he had donned a pair of faded jeans, old footwear and an old navy blue tee shirt. There was no plaid button-up shirt over the tee as he hadn’t any which he was desirous of parting with.

The Slytherin stepped into the Art Classroom, pausing for a bit to examine the set up. Needless to say it all made Ary super interested even if he wasn’t that talented in art. Oh, there was the professor. The man got the finger wiggle-wave before Ary wandered off out of the way of the room’s entrance.
It didn't take long for students to arrive, Feirgrund returned the young lad's wave with his own, "Welcome in, Mr. Atreyu-Rehman,"

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
These Professors were really speaking her language by planning these events that centered around mess making, one of her favorite extracurricular activities. It helped too it was all artsy, which she enjoyed being. She hadn't created anything as good as the drawing she'd made for Atlas when he'd graduated (but that HAD been an entire term project) but most of her doodles were recognizable. Sometimes.

Though she found there was something, or someone, specific she'd started doodling more often than not when she was supposed to be studying. Oops.

But based on the state of the room, she was also hoping today was going to be a bit abstract. Maybe they'd be cleaning the art room by just... painting over all the dust? She was pretty certain that didn't work but who was she to say? Professor Feirgrund probably knew better. Heading into the room, a pair of leggings under an over sized jumper (Papa's or Vasco's or maybe one she'd just swiped from the Commons, who knew), she found a spot next to Aryan and surveyed the room. "Need help moving anything around, sir?"
"Hello Miss Thanatos, " She was very helpful with cleaning the common room, "Thank you for offering but I got this," No need for students to perform manual labor this early.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Desiree didn’t like getting messy for the most part, but she made an exception when it came to art. Art wasn’t just mindless messiness; there was a purpose to it. Art was all about creating something beautiful, and sometimes the creator’s looks suffered for the sake of the creation.

She arrived dressed in an oversized black hoodie, one she “borrowed” from her brother. It had already got paint splattered all over it from a flying activity several terms ago, so there was no harm in it getting even more paint on it. She sort of took the paint-splatter aesthetic and ran with it! Her leggings and sneakers also had a paint-splatter print, and her dark hair was held into a high ponytail with a splatter-print scrunchie.

As Desiree entered the art classroom, she immediately noticed PRofessor Feirgrund moving things around. “Hello, Professor!” she greeted with a smile and a friendly wave. More smiles and waves followed for the other students. “Hi, Ary! Hi, Vera!” Standing with the others, she looked around the room with a slightly intrigued expression. Interesting setup… were they going to be painting the walls?
"Hello, Miss Marchand," Feirgrund greeted back. It was nice to see the enthusiasm. Hopefully the energy would remain.

After awaiting on a number of more students to arrive it seemed as good of a time as any to begin as all the ub. Which is when Feirgrund began to address the crowd, "Welcome everyone," He started. "Since we had quite a year, with exams on the way and a break from all the cleaning. We'll be giving this classroom a new look with painting the walls." Indicating the paint buckets which were now open along with the rows or brushes and paint rolls. "But we won't be painting the walls just one color. I'd like you to first think about an image or mark you'd like to remain on Hogwarts here."

OOC: Thank you for waiting, everyone! First think up what you'd like your student to draw and paint as a mark for Hogwarts. Then the next post in at least 24 hours we'll get to painting!

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