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Desiree skimmed the page in front of her. Two-way mirrors as portals to hidden realms? Alternate dimensions? Time travel? Meeting place? Amacita? That sounded like a spell, but she’d never heard of it before! Her mind was buzzing so much from the information in the book alone that she completely forgot about the parchment until Emma pointed it out.

Her bright blue eyes darted from the book to the parchment and back again. “The handwriting on the parchment matches the writing in this book,” she said. So that meant… Did Macarius Burke create a mirror portal? Did it malfunction somehow? That would explain the flash of light and possibly why so many people were acting odd this term! She nodded as Emma voiced exactly what she was thinking. “Yes, we should tell someone!”

Fortunately, Professor Gert was right there! “We found a book about two-way mirrors that function as portals, along with this,” she said, gesturing toward the parchment. “We think the mirror on the fourth floor could be one of those portals. One of the portraits, Elizabeth Burke, told us about it. She said the mirror had been flashing light, and it’s not meant to do that. It was in her family for years before it was donated to the school. Then there’s the letter and writing we found in this book. Have you ever heard of ‘Amacita’, Professor? It sounds like a spell, but I don’t know what it does…”

Her voice trailed off; she knew how crazy that probably sounded! She glanced at Emma, hoping the younger girl would have something to add.
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