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Emma of course followed Professor Khanna (although she wasn't keen on it since the DADA professor seemed rather indifferent towards the whole cleaning exercises) but she wasn't really here to clean either. Sorry, Professor Adara and house elves. She'd make it up to them later. For now she was here on a mission to find mission about this Ewart name.

She looked over to Desiree and nodded when she asked about working together, but before she could say much more, a book fell and her older housemate was picking it up.

"There's that name again ... Ewart ... and uh Macarius Burke? Wasn't that portrait lady ... Burke. You don't think ..." she looked to Khanna, but not sure what sort of help he'd be, decided maybe asking the librarian would be better? She had, of course, been oblivious to the doodlings in the book as she'd been distracted by the letter.

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