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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Well, duh! When was he going to get it? Despite what he might think, given all the friends and family she had surrounding her there at Hogwarts, yes she wanted to spend time with him. There was a very good reason for that too. No matter how he treated her, he was still one of her most favorite people and she very much looked up to him. The youngest Paton adored her brother. It really was as simple as that.

"I know when they are," she grumbled quietly. Had he forgotten that she did know things? He wasn't her only sibling taking exams either, their big sister Nova was graduating this year and so was their cousin Keighley. So technically, not everyone had time to spend with her, it wasn't only him that needed to study. A small casual shrug of her little shoulders was given at Logan's questioning words. "I suppose I could wait for you... if you promise you'll really give it a go with me once your exams are over?" Was there an honest hopefulness in those big bright blue eyes of hers now? There sure was.

Was there anything else? Like what? Bryony was about to question Logan on this but his next question had her staring at him with big wide eyes once again. "Can I? You won't chase me off and tell me I'm just getting in your way?" Cause if that was his intention then he should just tell her to leave him alone right now and not crush her little heart later.
Such things hadn't been considered by Logan, and he probably wouldn't understand her perspective completely. He was more than aware that she wanted to spend time with him, that much was obvious. What he did not understand was why him. Then again, this all was coming from someone who did not have a brother; all he had were sisters, and, well, he more often than not wanted to do things that they didn't. He certainly wasn't thinking from the same lens as the little first-year, who had more similarities than he wanted to admit.

"Well, then you know that I only have a handful of months to get all of this," he told her, holding up the book momentarily for emphasis, "among other things down so I don't get failing grades. Don't need Mum and Dad killing me." Not that they would ever do such a thing. However, their disappointment in him was not something he wanted to endure.

The shrug and the look in her eyes were noted. He really wanted to roll his eyes at the question though, but he had to remind himself that Bryony was only eleven. "Of course," he said, letting the textbook rest on his lap and reaching out a pinky toward her to prove that the request was something he was taking seriously.

"Well, I haven't managed to chase you off yet, so..." the fifth year told her, a laugh sounding after the words had been stated. It was at this point he held the Herbology book toward her, inviting her to take it. "Quiz me."

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