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follow me; everything is all right.

What’s this?

As the child (Desiree) opened the book, the piece of parchment fell further out, giving the holder and whoever else may be peering over her should better visibility to a marked passage underneath. It was clear someone had not respected the sanctity of the library here, as the book was underlined and the words ‘meeting place’ and ‘Amacita’ scrawled along the sides of the passage.

Chapter 3
The Conspiracy of Mirrors and their uses

Two-way mirrors in the magical world are one of the most common ways for quick, long distance communication between witches and wizards. But what if they could be used for more? We have mirrors for many different uses, so why couldn’t they be portals to hidden realms, allowing users to explore fantastical landscapes or encounter mythical creatures (or at least the reflection of them). Why couldn't mirrors also serve as gateways to ancient libraries, filled with arcane knowledge or connect to alternate dimensions with unique challenges? Additionally, mirrors could be used to reveal glimpses of the past or future, unraveling mysteries and propelling individuals into thrilling time-travel adventures. The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination of those who dare to peer into the enchanted glass!
The parchment too could now be better read, as it landed upward for the students and Professors to see words scrawled on a page. A letter, perhaps? And doesn’t that handwriting seem similar to the book?

Dearest Ewart,

After much contemplation, I have resolved not to proceed with the proposed union my family has made on my behalf. The idea of marrying into the Black family, continuing the line of hatred of a kind of people in whom the person I hold in the highest regard, pains me a great deal. I must run away and I hope you will join me, my friend.

After much further research, I believe a world is within our grasp. A world known only to us, where our friendship can physically exist, and not just be contained within our conversations. I will be going in tonight. Meet me there, as soon as you can, and remember friendship is the key.

Yours faithfully,
Macarius Burke
A shame it seems the letter never made it to it's recipient.
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