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"Right," Darej agreed with Sookie's order with a nod. While plenty of others joined in to help out. Among them were a mix of seasoned department members along with those who hadn't faced a duel recently let alone wrangling a creature. "I'll stand guard by the door," He said to Sookie and Tia before he moved. With the other newly incoming volunteers. If there were any loose strays it would have to fall on him to prevent the entire Ministry from dealing with whatever was in the box. He stood by the door waiting until the remaining volunteers came in before he shut it. "Wands ready," Darej kept his grip of his wand near his pocket. He might have to rely on some wordless ones just in case.

First thing, were Knarls. "Stupefy should work on those scurrying Knarls if you see them within close distance," Darej went to aim at one that was shuffling towards a corner when the sound of rapid fluttering of wings reached his ears, Oh no... Quickly, his spell in mind changed, "Immobulus!" Aiming full speed ahead, just as he felt a part of his robes being tugged. He scowled, tightening the grip of his wand while using his other hand to swat one away before he fired wordlessly, Immobolus! Hands off the merchandise, thank you kindly.


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