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The moment the box had been opened, the small bright-blue creatures started to rub their mischievous hands with delight and bicker amongst themselves as they waited for the perfect moment to make their move. They felt that they had been cooped up for far too long, and now it was time for a lot of fun to be had! And now they were free at last!


The pixies' laughter could be heard before they could be seen. They zoomed out of the box and into the holding room, a group of seven darting in different directions. Two made their way over to the left side of the room and started opening cupboards and pulling items out of them. Another wasted no time banging on the kennels, disturbing the bloodhounds within. One dashed across the room in hopes of finding a good hiding place.

The three that remained nearby, however, began having fun with the humans. They sure hoped they liked their hair being pulled, their clothes being tugged, and their sticks being taken from them.

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