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While handling magical creatures was not her forte, Tallulah could not ignore Sookie's memo welcoming everyone in the Ministry to assist with the shipment of creatures. After settling a little dispute resulting from a magical mishap, the department head made use of the not-well-known stairwell that connected the two levels. Smiles and waves were given to those she passed by en route to the creature holding room, her excitement growing with each step.

Making her entrance, she could tell, by the state of the open box and the knarls that were making their way out, that she was a little late to the party. Not that was a problem because what mattered was that she was here now amongst the other employees. Rather than say her usual round of hellos, she immediately started oooing and tried to squeeze her short frame closer to the box so she could have a better look at the beasts that were to come.

"Aww! They're so adorable!" Tally commented, not too loudly of course because she didn't want to spook the knarls or any of the other critters. However, she did have to admit that the last one seemed a bit peeved.

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