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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
Quite honestly, he would figure out a way to hang out with her, whenever he wanted to do so, of course. Past years aside, this year was quite different and priorities had to be made. Plus he never was great with time management, which was a significant factor at play when it came to why he wasn't readily available to hang out, and assumed their older sisters and her friends would keep Bryony occupied. But that wasn't the case apparently; she wanted to be around him. And, well, at this point in their conversation, he would argue that they were technically hanging out now, albeit not in exactly the most fun of settings.

"Exams are in June," he told her, unable to disagree with her that the month was still eons away. That fact still weighed on him, mainly because that meant he had many hours of studying left to do. Thankfully the next comment that left his sister's mouth distracted his thoughts from the months of studying ahead. "Multiple times? You'd have to somehow survive the first attempt. ... But if you can't wait just a few more months and want to have a go without me, then okay... good luck..." he replied with a sigh, whether he was being genuine or feigning being hurt by her words was up for interpretation.

There were no disagreements when it came to their mother: she did know a lot. But he supposed that came with adulthood and now being a professor. It was her job to know things, even certain things that she probably pretended not to be aware of. She would probably have plenty to tell the first year about the importance of these exams and how it was best not to rush into everything, among many other things.

"Is there anything else...? Or are you gonna stick around and help me study?"
Well, duh! When was he going to get it? Despite what he might think, given all the friends and family she had surrounding her there at Hogwarts, yes she wanted to spend time with him. There was a very good reason for that too. No matter how he treated her, he was still one of her most favorite people and she very much looked up to him. The youngest Paton adored her brother. It really was as simple as that.

"I know when they are," she grumbled quietly. Had he forgotten that she did know things? He wasn't her only sibling taking exams either, their big sister Nova was graduating this year and so was their cousin Keighley. So technically, not everyone had time to spend with her, it wasn't only him that needed to study. A small casual shrug of her little shoulders was given at Logan's questioning words. "I suppose I could wait for you... if you promise you'll really give it a go with me once your exams are over?" Was there an honest hopefulness in those big bright blue eyes of hers now? There sure was.

Was there anything else? Like what? Bryony was about to question Logan on this but his next question had her staring at him with big wide eyes once again. "Can I? You won't chase me off and tell me I'm just getting in your way?" Cause if that was his intention then he should just tell her to leave him alone right now and not crush her little heart later.
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