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It had been a rather unexpected package received from the Kotkrysa Animal Reserve at the base of Mount Elbrus in Russia, accompanied by quick mirror call from one of her old peers from her days at Koldovstoretz letting her know it was on the way. Generally, Sook preferred more than a few hours notice when she was taking on additional creatures in the department but emergencies did happen. From what she had gathered from the quick call, the reserves structures all had an infestation of bundimun and the new exposure to the elements were causing some of the creatures to get sick. The Russian ministry had taken on all of the sick creatures due to their proximity, however they had reached further out for those that were well due to staffing concerns. Sookie's old ties from her previous place of employment were what had made her the next in line for the responsibility.

Though of course, while she'd gotten all of that information before the call disconnected, she hadn't been able to get any type of confirmation as to what to expect within the crate she now carried in her hands as she made her way into the Creatures Holding Room. She had no idea exactly how many creatures were within the box or the different types to expect. From what she remembered, Kotkrysa was on the smaller side so they should still have plenty of space - but the next few weeks getting every settled would still be on the busier side. With today perhaps being the most so.

Setting the small file box down on the ground, she straightened up and pulled her wand from it's holster. With a quick few non-verbals, she was able to lift the enchantments only allowing the Level Four employees into the room, before crafting an interdepartmental memo to send out to the rest of her department and the other levels.
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