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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Jude was certain of one thing: if any of those particular insecurities of Dav’s surfaced now, it would easily vanish because of the way Keighley was chirping away with Davet. No one could be insecure about anything when the baby sister was around. She just had this way of making all the dark thoughts vanish; Jude would know as she had spent so much time helping him heal his heart a few years back.

Whatever the boyfriend said, had Jude known him back then, he would have still thought the world of Davet having a non-dialogue role. When it came to this young man beside him, Jude was positively obsessed! Just as he was obsessed with those kisses! Sorry, Keigh, if they came across as super duper mushy! Jude’s face sparkled with interest. “Oooh, I’d accept that role in a heartbeat! I mean, can you imagine the explosive chemistry we’d bring on screen too?” Not to mention Jude had picked up more than a few acting tips from Davet. Regarding Dav and Rea acting as a couple, he could never be mad about that; he was much too secure in his romantic relationship to ever be that way, even about Dav’s other on screen partners. Then again, it was the PG stuff he was comfortable with but he knew that Davet was much too considerate of him to do any other sort. “You both will. You’ll see soon enough.” Manifesting all the good things for the older sister and boyfriend! “Keigh’s right. You’ve come a far way, and you’ll go even further! With Keigh and I saying it, there’s no way it wouldn’t come through for you!” And for Rea!

Between watching the movie, brushing Keigh’s hair and drinking the hot chocolate, Jude was also watching Dav work on Keigh’s nails. The thought that the other guy would someday make a wonderful father crossed his mind once again. In turn, it reminded him that there was something they needed to tell Keigh. And now he was sort of bursting to get the words out but at the same time, did not want to interrupt the movie. If Dav happened to look over at him at any time, he’d just mouth the question at him; the question about if they should tell Keigh now that they wanted to secretly get married and that they wanted her to be one of the three witnesses.

“Yes, I’m absolutely calling you a baby, Keigh,’’ Jude replied happily, now beginning to separate a bit of his sister’s hair on the left side of her scalp, the bit closest to her ear, from the rest. He began to plait that bit, doing so until it was about a quarter of a way through. “You’re the baby of the four and always will be.” Their nieces - Linnet and Kestrel - were the babies of ALL the Anders'.
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