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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

As it actually sank into Ary that indeed Drake was all twitchy with excitement, he chuckled inwardly. Drake was reminding him of Bryony at this moment. As talk continued about Scamander’s Zoo, Ary nodded as best as he could without making Drake uncomfortable as their heads were still resting together. The thought about him liking this bit of shared position briefly crossed his mind but disappeared as the conversation went on. “It is huge!’’ Ary agreed. “Needs days and days to explore it.” Oh yes, a hippogriff was an excellent judge of character. “If griffs don’t like you, thens you may nots be nice.” Creatures were usually more perceptive than humans. “They’d likes you though, Drake.” This was a sentiment Ary felt very strongly about.

It was Adi who answered Drake’s question. “About twenty years. Of course, the planning started well before that. Then there was the entire hurdle of finding the right place, away from Muggles’ eyes. But it all worked out well.’’ This was something Adi was very happy about as it had always been his teenage dream to work with hippogriffs. As Drake brainstormed the perfect name, his thoughts strayed to the boys’ closeness again. Maybe he was just overthinking because of his own similar experiences with his husband, who had been {and still was} his best friend at Hogwarts. Anyway… “Khari is perfect! You two should say hi to her again, now that she’s officially named.” Once more, his end of the mirror was trained on the young griff.
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