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Mitsuki would have clarified that the mirror predated any current Hogwarts professor and therefore none of them could have charmed it and she also could have corrected her younger housemate that historically such sentiments have been proven time and time again to be untrue, but she lacked the opportunity due to a blinding white light and almost seemed to wipe her thoughts clean. Not in a Memory Charm kind of way but specifically that it was so bright that it was distracting, like a perfect red maple leaf swirling on the breeze, so her entire train of thought was derailed.

Her eyes adjusted somewhat, or perhaps the light had faded, and Mitsuki rubbed any residual agitation from her eyes before jumping backwards away from the mirror and retracting her hand to her stomach as though it had just been touching hot coals. Giggling, she shuffled her feet until she was out of direct view of the mirror and smiled wide at everyone present. She felt a very real, very strong, hankering to go find Mercer but there was something else pressing upon her instincts. "I'm going to go now but before I do ... would anyone wish to participate in a group hug?" she inquired, her tone affectionately emboldened, while holding her arms out to either side to accentuate the invitation.

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