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Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Aurora was one hundred percent on the ball (no pun) - it did look like a ballroom. Rowan leaned forward to peer into the mirror. Beautiful indeed, but there was something about the vision which made the hairs stand up on the back of her neck.

That creepy feeling was heightened with the words of the younger Hufflepuff. Rowan took a step back and looked at the boy, his voice echoing anxious around the hard, cold corridor. What a vivid imagination. “What nightmare fuel have you been reading?” She asked him quizzically. “If you've just made that up, you should thinking about writing a horror story.”

And thank you, Miss Obvious, for telling her helpfully that she was on the fourth floor. Her lips quirked ever so slightly out of amusement, thinking that the girl was joking, but her body language said otherwise and the hint of mirth vanished. The way she spoke to Brandon.. the precise enunciation was nothing like Rowan had ever heard before. It made her appear wise beyond her years. This mirror wasn't reflecting anything though – it was, instead, projecting . She kept quiet and watched the girl tap the glass with her brush. Satisfied that it was safe, she reached out her finger and touched the surface, looking back a Brandon. “It's fine.” She said breezily and offered him a gentle smile. Those nerves needed calming, poor kid.

“Perhaps one of the professors merely charmed the mirror to give this corridor a little more interest.” She spoke to the three, convincing herself too that there was nothing to be concerned about.
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