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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Davet not minding PDA certainly matched well with Jude because Jude liked receiving PDA as much as he liked giving it! As far as he was concerned, these actions matched the words and promises they said and made to each other. If Davet needed to know, the ENTIRE Anders family adored him! He wasn't just Jude’s love but also Reagan’s bestie. And clearly Keigh loved him too, not to mention enjoyed his company, otherwise she wouldn’t be here. As for Davet being pulled into insecurities when it came to Evan, Jude really did try to show his other half on a daily basis that he was the only one for him. So yes, Keighley was absolutely right: Davet had brought an immeasurable amount of happiness to his life.

With the plan agreed upon, Jude decided to Summon a brush to go along with the comb {which had been Summoned earlier with the hair accessories}. Brushing just made hair fluffier and thicker in his opinion. Now settled comfortably in the fort, he found Dav’s face again and replied with a grin of his own. “He pays attention to all the details, Keigh! I assure you, he won’t forget anything to do with your likes and dislikes.” The boyfriend was just the best in that department! “Someday, they’ll do another remake of the movie or play and you’ll be playing the role of the prince or Lumiere,’’ Jude remarked knowledgably. He figuratively sent the words out into the Universe because Dav certainly deserved to be cast in all the roles he dreams about. Even if Jude had to watch him kiss someone else; it was a good thing he was never the jealous type! He couldn’t help but chuckle at his sister’s seeming indignation about only now finding out about Davet and the play. “Clearly Dav has a lot to fill you in on his earlier acting days. The good thing is that you get to see his new movies and plays, Keigh! Imagine him and Rea having to act together again as a couple.” Jude sniggered heartily because his older sister and boyfriend acting as a couple and having to kiss was highly amusing to him still.

“Thanks, babe.” Jude lost no time in plucking a green marshmallow from the drink. “Lumiere and Cogsworth,’’ he added promptly in relation to the question. “Their relationship is hilarious and first class!” And Chip! How could he have forgotten about that little teacup? “He’s as cute as you are, did you know, Keigh?” With that, he hit the ‘play’ button and off the movie went!
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