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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Maybe it was Ary’s imagination but he thought that Drake was positively vibrating with excitement. He grinned to himself; if that was the case, then he had made the best decision to let Drake in on the call. “Nope. Mooncalves are at Scamander’s Zoo. We could visit theres sometimes if you want.” Ary was very familiar with the place since he and Bry visited there often, and because Aunty Hady had worked there. “Hippogriffs are brilliants and learn fasts. That’s why they values manners.” Hippogriffs were extremely sophisticated in his opinion. “They can live for twenty-five to thirty years! That’s a long time, isn’t it?” Maybe not as long as witches and wizards but still… “Dad still has somes of the griffs the Reserve started out with.” That was a fact!

Adi, too, recognised young Drake. He remembered thinking that Ary had not taken to another individual {other than his immediate family and other than Bryony} as quickly as he had to the other boy. It was possibly why they had their heads resting against each other’s? But Adi couldn’t help reminiscing that he and Benny had been like this despite them only being best friends at the time. This latest development regarding Ary was certainly making Adi curious about certain things now, curiosities which will be shared with the husband the moment he came off of this call. “Hey, Drake! It’s a girl.” He grinned. “Lay your suggestions on me!”
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