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Contrary to the pair of Mitsuki's acquittances, the Ravenclaw often frequented the mirror. Specifically she would follow the groves in the stone flooring until her feet led her to the centermost stone in front of the mirror. Situated on the floor, she often spent an hour or two (often missing a lesson) with her watercolors and charcoals while she painted and her brush wooshed and danced across her canvas. It reminded her very much of her first encounter with Milo while they mutually floated about Janus Gallowglass. Perhaps such nostalgia was what had driven Mitsuki to increase the number of times her feet tiptoed about the fourth floor corridor...more likely was the desire to use the rich black ink she had brewed from mushroom tops.

Mostly unbothered both Brandon Fox's and Aurora's presence and their want to observe the ornateness before them, the sixth year did wish that they both could take a step to either side so that she could sit in the same spot as she always did while here.

So, rather than properly interrupt the non-conversation going on, Mitsuki simply cleared her throat as she stood behind them and casually slipped her left foot along the stone floor to 'claim' her block. "The brush strokes of opportunity, provisional black ink."

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