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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Helloooooo January!

Perhaps the quietest and saddest time of year for some. It was cold outside, the daylight hours were much fewer and Christmas was over and the kids were back from school after the holidays. Aurora however was not in a particularly bad mood, in fact she could be found skipping her way along the fourth floor corridor with no particular direction with her wandering other than to find someone to talk to or something to do.

She may have been leaving a slight trail of crumbs from the chocolate chip cookie she was munching on as she made her way although with the state that the castle was being left in these days, it was unlikely that the happy little Elves would care much about the mess.

It was on her expedition through the castle that she came across a mirror she hadnít paid much attention to before. She wouldnít have paid much attention to it that day either if it wasnít for the movement she caught within its confines out the corner of her eye. Also the fact that it wasnít really a mirror at all seeing as itís reflection was one of somewhere that clearly wasnít Hogwarts judging by the fancy chandeliers and paintings of things that werenít past Professors.

How.. odd.

To be honest, Brandon did not look in mirrors except for once in the morning and once at night to check how he looked. It was a family thing. His sister had a pretty bad phobia, so he had grown up with mirrors mostly being kept out of the house. He thought it was weird now, seeing so many sinks with mirrors on them. Mirrors as a decoration. Mirrors being carried around or used to communicate. It made sense, he supposed, to know what you looked like. But he was unused to it. He'd noticed this particular mirror, of course. He had never actually stopped to look into it before today.

He slowed his path through the hallway as he noticed his friend Aurora paused outside of it. He tapped her shoulder. "Hi Aurora, what's-" He paused, then frowned and sucked in a breath. He could have sworn he saw movement... was there somebody trapped in there?
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